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Monday, November 22, 2010

"Double Take" in Thin Ice anthology

Thin Ice
Who is stealing from guests at the cheap Alpine-theme resort where Bev and Dillon are hiding out from the law? And who's going to take the blame so this lusty and larcenous couple can go free?

Two years ago Bev and Dillon—a match made in court-ordered therapy group—attempted the robbery of a church Bingo in “Double Dare,” published in the
Deadfall anthology of crime stories by New England Writers. Now you can follow their further adventures in “Double Take,” published in the 2010 Level Best Books anthology, Thin Ice. Order your copy for $15 plus shipping at

Enjoy this opening excerpt:


We were about five seconds away from being arrested and all I could think about was how sexy Dillon looked in lederhosen. Not many men, not Americans anyway, could carry off those leather shorts with the embroidered suspenders and fancy strap across the chest, not to mention the knee socks, but my guy was one of them.

I was pretty stunning myself in a black-and-red dirndl cut low at the bodice and high at the hem with a bit of lace peeping out at each end. Together, me and Dillon had upped the sex appeal of the Green Mountain Tyrolean Inn about 6000 percent. We’d been here a month and made double in tips what we were getting, under the table, from Dillon’s mother’s second cousin Fred.

Friedrich, as he called himself at the resort, couldn’t even wade in the same gene pool as Dillon. He might have had a decent face about a hundred pounds ago, but right now he looked like the Man in the Moon choking on a hunk of bratwurst.

“Ingrates!” He slammed his fist on the desk. “Thieves!”

Well, duh….


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