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This blog was created during a momentary lapse, a period when I'm stuck in my writing and trying to jog something loose in my brain or push myself so close to deadline that I can kill, without remorse, the beloved opening or headline or quote that is keeping me from moving forward. Most of my posts here will have to do with writing, including occasional Favorite Writing Quotes (FWQs). Please share yours, and your comments, too.

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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Calendar Girl

(Photo by Roger Leo)

Call me Mrs. June.

This photo is taken (with permission--nay, encouragement) from the Sisters in Crime New England 2007 Calendar. That's me on the left with the deadly clippers (secateurs to you Brits) with fellow Sisters in Crime Judy Copek and Toni L.P. Kelner and Brothers in Crime Hans Copek (alive) and Steve Kelner (dead).

The month is June, which happens to be my birth month, and I also appear with the other sisters in the August group photo. I'm holding one end of the banner with the slogan I wrote for the national 20th anniversary celebration of Sisters In Crime: "SinC into a Good Mystery." I hope you will. For SinC Books in Print, visit

Additional images from the calendar and ordering information are available at


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